Online Dog Training Packages

I am a professional dog trainer, fully qualified as I completed a CPD certified course. The course empowered me with the knowledge, confidence and dog training methods to help people with dogs displaying unwanted behaviours and it taught me how to communicate with dogs in a language they understand and how to resolve unwanted canine behaviours.

I have a huge depth of knowledge when it comes to training dogs and I am offering a variety of dog courses below. 

With the puppy course I will teach you how to stop your puppy from chewing, biting and or nipping and also how to crate train your puppy. 

The dog calming course will explore the reasons your dog barks and the unwanted behaviours that go with it. I will teach you the steps you need to erase those unwanted behaviours such as jumping up at people, barking at passers by, barking when you leave the house etc and I will leave you with a calm and peaceful furry friend. 

With the basic commands course I will teach you the steps to get your puppy to "sit", "stay", "down" etc. I will also teach basic manners such as "leave it", "off" and Intermediate training as and when the previous commands have been learnt such as "heel, "fetch" etc.