Dog Calming Package

This package is great for dogs who display unwanted behaviours such as barking at the door when someone comes to call, barking when you leave the house, jumping up at their owners, attention seeking behaviours etc. 

The package includes the following:

  • Full support throughout the 4 week program.
  • Weekly zoom meetings to discuss the unwanted behaviours, check on your progress and go through the step by step guide alongside the program. 
  • Free booklet related to the package you have chosen (usually priced at £24.99 per booklet). 
  • Email/whats app support during the week if you have any further questions or issues. 

The dog calming course will explore the reasons your dog barks and the unwanted behaviours that go with it. I will teach you the steps you need to erase those unwanted behaviours such as jumping up at people, barking at passers by, barking when you leave the house etc and I will leave you with a calm and peaceful furry friend. 

 Total Price = £150.00

To order this package click HERE. Once you have bought the product I will email you to set up your first zoom meeting and arrange to send the free booklet to you by post.